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mid October                                       SCRIPTA due out                                                                                                    

October 23                                         Autumn Antics - Y.A.L.E. School, Cherry Hill;  12:00-4:00

November 5                                       Medford Leas Monthly Gathering, 10AM - 12 PM 

November 5 & 6                                PCS WORKSHOP - Julie Wildman- "Pointed Brush" - Rutgers Camden -   

December 3                                       Medford Leas Monthly Gathering, 10AM - 12PM


January 13-15                                     Philadelphia Pen Show - Westin Hotel, Phila.

April 29, 30                                        PCS WORKSHOP - "A Sharp Pencil and A Keen Eye" -­ Amity Erwin Parks - Rutgers, Camden

November 11, 12                                PCS WORKSHOP - "Expressive Calligraphy with Marks & Texture" - Yuki Annand - Rutgers Camden


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 PCS is a non-profit organization which promotes appreciation 

and the study of penmanship and the calligraphic arts throughout and beyond the Philadelphia area.

Your tax deductible donation will help to fund community outreach programs, roving exhibits, an informative

bi-annual publication and other expenses necessary for keeping penmanship and the calligraphic arts in the education forum.