Price per issue, $10, includes US mailing, $15 for mailing outside the US

Email Leslie Coren at in order to purchase Scripta.

Email Meg Kennedy at for Scripta advertising.



SCRIPTA Advertising Rates & Specs

Full Page                    $100                   7" x  9" (vert.)

Half Page                   $50                     7" x 4 and 3/4" (hor.)

Quarter Page            $40                     7" x 2" (hor.)     

Single Column        $5/inch              2" wide

Double Column      $10/inch            4" wide

All ads must be submitted as camera-ready copy. 

10% frequency discount (2 consecutive issues)

10% PCS members' discount (can be added to frequency discount)

A New Benefit for Members: Free classified Ads for PCS Members: 2"(h) x single column width as space allows